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What we do

Epilis is a personal brand created with the ambition to inspire people a new attitude towards the world of IT. Using strictly filtered technologies we can mutate web development and IT infrastructure to a positive experience for everyone involved.

Epilis is an ancient greek word -Έπηλυς- that means the person who comes to a place, the newcomer. We have chosen this word to emphasize our fresh -and hopefully refreshing- presence here on this web corner.

Hosting Services

Highly extendable cloud-based hosting solutions with automatic scale support.

Frontend Solutions

Clear, responsive and touchable UIs based on cutting edge javascript technology.


Agile DevOps for supportable, scalable, integrated and secure software projects.

Open Source

Promoting freedom in IT from infrastructure to high level software development.

Cost Efficiency

We support a range of environments, from personal blogs to enterprise loads.


Highly available architectures in conjunction with open source monitoring systems.

Container Based

Easy to use, optimized virtual environments with respect to portability.


We are taking over the education of your staff providing integrated documentation.


Extensive use of orchestration techniques to automate regular/complex operations.


Design solutions with standards, created for interaction with other systems.

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